The Premium Beach Umbrella - Faded Rose –

The Premium Beach Umbrella - Faded Rose

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Faded in all the right ways, this floral rose print are what vintage dreams are made of. Decorated in cotton fringe tassels and a navy underside add an extra layer of protection with our UV resistant treatment that stops light from refracting off the sand and water. 

Part of our Premium Beach Collection, this umbrella has all of our luxury features including custom aluminum hardware, polished wood pole, cotton fringe & coated canvas.   

- Large 182cm span. 
- Printed polyester/cotton canvas with UV & water resistant treatment.
- World forestries certified, reclaimed timber wood pole with chestnut finish.
- Natural cotton fringe & internal trim.
- Canvas carry bag in same print design.
- Natural cardboard gift box.


Difference between Premium & Holiday Umbrellas?

- Span: Premium 182 cm / Holiday 167 cm
- Height: Premium 213cm / Holiday 182 cm 

Can I use this umbrella for my patio/cafe/garden etc?

Yes, you can. However, they are designed for the beach with temporary exposure to sun & elements. Although they will last a good while setup permanently outside, we advise that you treat your umbrella with care & bring inside when not in use. 

Do you have an umbrella purposed for permanent outdoor use?

Yes, we do. The Garden/Patio Umbrella arrives early December, 2018 available in 4 colors.