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Trouble Shooting

Trouble Closing Holiday Umbrella.

If you are having, or have had trouble when closing your holiday umbrella, it is likely the result of over-extension or twisting of the slider, from opening it too fast or awkwardly. Luckily it is a very simple fix and easy to avoid in future!
Assess the Jam:
Check up inside the slider to see where the spring and button are sitting.
Opt 1 is the button is sitting up on top of the spring.
Opt 2. The Spring is wedged down the side of the button
To correct it:
Opt 1. Simply push the slider further up gently and push the button in as you let it back down and you should here a click and from there operate it as normal.
Opt 2. In this case do the same but also ensure that the button and spring are in line when letting it down. Note, this option will require more force/strength to push the slider up. Also help it by giving it gentle wiggle as you push up.
To prevent it happening again:
Simply open the umbrella slower, ensure you are not twisting the slider as you push it up (the spring and the button should be in line) and stop when you hear the click:)
Of course, not everything is perfect and with all mechanical items there can be defects, if you think yours is faulty and the above is not helping. Please feel free to reach out to customer service!
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